Welcome to the website of the international figure skating competition – EDGE CUP.

We are very happy to invite you to participate and support the figure skaters in their sports competition. Competitions are held in figure skating and ice dancing, in all age categories!

This year, our competition will include the Open Polish Solo – Dance Championships, where competitors from Poland and abroad will compete in several age categories!

More than 400 competitors from all over the country and abroad will participate in the competition.

Entrance for spectators is free! Jantor Ice Arena in Katowice.

Time Schedule of competition is available in the top menu in the Competitions – info tab

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Jantor Ice Arena

The ice rink is part of the year-round sports and entertainment facility Jantor in Katowice. The facility includes two ice rinks, a gymnasium and a ballet hall/gym. It is located near the city center. The artificial ice rink is full-size and the audience can accommodate 1,400 people. Various events, competitions and shows are organized here. There is a parking lot next to the facility.

Adress: Street Nałkowskiej 11, 40-425 Katowice, Poland


For visitors, there is a large free parking lot on the main road leading to the ice rink (approx. 600 m):

Adress: Nikiszowiec Pętla, 40-431 Katowice, Poland


Katowice City

The capital of the three-million-strong Upper Silesian agglomeration, as well as the fastest-growing Polish metropolis. Over the last decade, the city has been experiencing rapid economic progress, mainly due to a consistent investment policy and skilful use of a perfect geographical location.

Figure skating in Katowice has been developing since 1906. Skaters practicing in Katowice figure skating clubs competed at the highest level, were representing Poland at the European and World Championships or the Olympic Games.


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